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20 January 2010 @ 06:13 am
Discussion Panel Schedule: Rooms TBA  
The readings, presentations and panel discussions schedule is ready for transmission. I'm waiting for actual verification before posting room numbers, although we are supposed to have already recieved word of our room requests being rejected or confirmed by UHCL. The information is just in limbo, as it were. "Message unclear, try again later." -The Magic Eight Ball

I will return to this post and edit in the room numbers when the information is made clearer.

Readings and Presentations

All Readings and Presentations are an hour long unless otherwise noted.


Steven Brust

Panel Room B                                      Sat. 11 AM

Autographs – Dealer Room                 Sat. 2 PM


A. P. Stephens

Panel Room C                                      Sat. 4 PM


Chelsea Gaither

Panel Room B                                      Sat. 2 PM


Glen Welch

Con Suite (Forest Room)                     Fri. 8 PM


Glenda Boozer (A Half-Hour Reading)

Con Suite (Forest Room)                     Fri. 6:30 PM

Panel Room B                                      Sat. 1 PM


Kerry Tolan

Panel Room C                                      Sat. 6 PM


Linda Nightingale (A Half-Hour Reading)

Con Suite (Forest Room)                     Fri. 6 PM

Panel Room B                                      Sat. 1:30 PM


Pat Blair

Panel Room C                                      Sat. 5 PM


Robert Stikmanz

Panel Room A                                     Sat. 12 PM


Simon Nightingale

Panel Room                                         Sun. 12 PM


Toni V. Sweeney

Panel Room B                                      Sat. 3 PM


Discussion Panels

All Discussion Panels are an hour long unless otherwise noted.


All Dressed up: What are LARP and Cosplay?

Panel Room A                         Sat. 7PM

A panel on the elements and methods of Live Action Roleplaying and Cosplay.

Panel: Chelsea Gaither, Christopher Pineau, Danny Patterson, and Elle Velie


Avoiding the Pitfalls

Panel Room C                         Sat. 10AM

A presentation on the pitfalls of writing and how to avoid or utilize them to advance your writing career, including grounding your fiction, handling dialogue, "backing into publishing" and avoiding writer's block. Hosted by Pat Blair.


Breaching the Hull: Writing a Believable Spacecraft

Panel Room B                         Sat. 5 PM

A panel discussion on the techniques and sciences necessary to write, design, and describe a believable space vessel.

Panel: Larry Friensen, Kerry Tolan, Marianne Dyson, Scott Padgett, and Trey Wickwire


Character Development

Panel Room A                         Sat. 1PM

A panel discussion on how experts from different genres and mediums view and utilize different methods of character development.

Panel: Terry Mixon, Kerry Tolan, Pat Blair, Steven Brust, Trey Wickwire


Cheesy Movies and the Geeks That Love Them

Panel Room A                         Sat. 2 PM

A forum discussion on B-movies and bad films that we can’t help but love and an exploration into “why” we love them hosted by Ben Wittmeyer.


The ConJour Classic

Atrium II                                 Sat. 4 PM

Game-show format trivia competition performance between two teams: The Pros and the Cons! Who will take home the ConJour Cup? Hosted by Deborah Kent.


Costuming 101

Panel Room A                         Fri. 7 PM

A panel discussing the varying methods and functions used by fans of the convention set, from hand sewn and no-sew, to collected accessories and replica designs.

Panel: Glenda Boozer, Danny Patterson, Elle Velie, and Louise Riofrio


Cullen Must Die: Writing Believable Vampires

Panel Room A                         Fri. 8 PM

A panel discussion on different styles and methods of writing vampires, including a look at why we hate when these formats are eschewed.

Panel: Chelsea Gaither, Linda Nightingale, Pat Blair, and Toni V. Sweeney


Defense Against the Dark Arts: Feng Shui (A Two Hour Presentation)

Panel Room B                         Fri. 8 PM

A practical presentation on the use of Feng Shui methods to dissipate negative forces hosted by Michael Scheer.


Elixers and Potions: Using Everyday Items

Panel Room B                         Sat. 8 PM

A practical presentation of the use of everyday materials to sooth and remedy common ailments hosted by Michael Scheer.


Fan Based Organizations

Panel Room A                         Sat. 5 PM

An interview with Danny Patterson, members of the 501st and Rebel Legions, and members of the Houston Browncoats, on the subjects of what it means to be a fan-based organization and how to live the dream. Hosted by Paul Abell.


FILK 101

Panel Room C                         Sat. 12 PM

A mix of performance and instruction in the art of FILK hosted by Dr. John Gorman and featuring Ghost of a Rose and Steven Brust.


Furries, Faeries, and Freakies

Panel Room B                         Sat. 12 PM

A panel discussion investigating the depiction of inhumans, anthros and alien entities in different genres and mediums, from art to writing.

Panel: Larry Friesen, Dr. Craig White, Kerry Tolan, Malcolm Harris, Pat Blair, and Simon Nightingale


Graphic Content: Writing in the Visual

Panel Room A                         Sun. 10 AM

A panel discussion about how art tells stories, and how storytellers create art, including designing art compositions, writing for comics, drawing for comics, and framing a shot for film.

Panel: Simon Nightingale, Brandon Phillips, Chelsea Gaither, and Trey Wickwire


Horror Makeup

Panel Room A                         Fri. 5 PM

A demonstrative panel on how to produce blockbuster makeup effects using inexpensive and sometimes unexpected materials hosted by Louise Riofrio and featuring the makeup of OEGP.

Panel: Louise Riofrio, Brandon Phillips, Jack Armstrong, Elle Velie, and OEGP volunteers


Majestic Keeps and Magical Vales: World Creation for Fantasy

Panel Room A                         Fri. 9 PM

A panel discussion on the methods implemented and the work that goes into preparing a world for the setting of your work of fantasy.

Panel: A. P. Stephens, Malcolm Harris, Robert Stikmanz, Steven Brust, and Trey Wickwire

Making Movies Without a Budget

Panel Room A                         Sat. 6 PM

Brandon Phillips and OEGP talk about the trials and tribulations of making B-grade budget films look worthy of the A-list, and give you pointers on how they do it, and how you can too.


Piloted Missions to Near-Earth Objects

Panel Room A                         Sat. 4 PM

Paul Abell talks about the future of the scientific study of Near-Earth Objects.


Plot Development

Panel Room B                         Fri. 5 PM

A panel discussion on how experts from different genres and mediums view and utilize different methods of plot development.

Panel: Kerry Tolan, A. P. Stephens, Dr. John Gorman, Pat Blair, and Steven Brust


Publish Me

Panel Room A                         Sat. 3 PM

A panel discussion on different kinds of publishing options available to authors and the means by which to catch the eye of a publisher.

Panel: Steven Brust, A. P. Stephens, Kerry Tolan, Malcolm Harris, and Pat Blair


Science Fiction: A History

Panel Room B                         Sat. 6 PM

A panel discussion on the roots of Science Fiction, early Sci-Fi literature and film, and how it influences the modern genre.

Panel: Dr. Craig White, Ben Wittmeyer, Glen Welch, Larry Friesen, and Trey Wickwire


Selling Comics

Panel Room A                         Sat. 11 AM

A talk with comic book and webcomic creators on the work that goes into selling their stories to graphic literature audiences and producers, hosted by Simon Nightingale and featuring Trey Wickwire.


Space for Improvement: World Creation for Science Fiction

Panel Room A                         Sun. 11 AM

 A panel discussion on the methods implemented and the work that goes into preparing a world for the setting of your science fiction writing, including galactic, systemic, planetary, and geological elements that influence the world of your fiction.

Panel: Terry Mixon, Kerry Tolan, Larry Friesen, Robert Stikmanz, and Trey Wickwire


Steampunk: Science Fiction by Gaslight

Con Suite (Forest Room)                                Saturday, 2:00 PM

A panel discussion of all things Victorian, anachronistic, steamy and sci-fi, accompanied by a Steampunk Tea Service.

Panel: Trey Wickwire, Deborah Kent, Louise Riofrio, and Scott Padget


Supernatural Romance

Panel Room B                         Fri. 7 PM

A panel discussion on the subject of romance and why so much romance is starting to incorporate supernatural into the mix.

Panel: Dr. John Gorman, Linda Nightingale, Terry Mixon, and Toni V. Sweeney


Sympathy for the Devil: The Byronic Hero in Modern Fantasy and Sci-Fi

Panel Room A                         Sat. 9 PM

A panel discussion on the personal freedoms and prisons the "dark hero" experiences, and what causes our unnatural fascination with them.

Panel: Dr. Craig White, Linda Nightingale, Pat Blair, and Toni V. Sweeney


Upcoming Conventions in Texas

Panel Room B                         Sat. 4 PM

A panel discussion about upcoming conventions in Texas.

Panel: Convention Representatives from other Texas Conventions


What Makes a Good Sci-fi or Fantasy Film?

Panel Room B                         Sun. 10 AM

An open forum for the discussion of what elements go into the making of good science fiction and fantasy films, hosted by Ben Wittmeyer.


What’s New at NASA?

Panel Room A                         Sat. 10 AM

A panel discussion on programs and events brewing in the NASA community.

Panel: Larry Friesen, Louise Riofrio, Paul Abell, Scott Padget, and Terry Mixon


Where Did I Park the Tardis?

Panel Room B                         Sat. 10 AM

A discussion of all things Dr. Who, from the good to the bad to the ugly.

Panel: Ben Wittmeyer, James Kent and Kerry Tolan


Writing for Roleplaying Games

Panel Room B                         Sat. 7 PM

A discussion of the elements important to the writing and development of Roleplaying Games.

Panel: Scott Padgett, Glen Welch and Malcolm Harris

Writing Horror
Panel Room A                         Sun. 12 PM
A panel discussion on the elements of horror and how to capture and portray them to your audience.

Panel: Terry Mixon, Brandon Phillips, Pat Blair





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