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03 September 2009 @ 03:27 pm
ConJour 2010: Something for everybody!  
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CoinJour2010 Flier

The University of Houston-Clear Lake Gamers' Guild is proud to announce the second annual ConJour, a Fantasy, Horror and Sci-Fi convention. For 2010, we return to the Greater Houston area, southeast technically, within spitting distance of NASA to host a cultural exchange of grand proportions on the campus of the University of Houston-Clear Lake.

We do panels on Plot Development, Character Development and Getting Published every year, additionally we are going to do discussions on more specific design elements in the genres as well. Discussion of panel topics is still going on, use our general contact email from the website to contact us with your ideas.

We're in discussions to get MMORPG companies and communities on board for demonstrations and events. If you have contacts in those communities, your help would be greatly appreciated. Game designers and developers with their own equipment to demonstrate their hard work and the glory of their efforts are welcome and will be classified as Game Masters (permitting them free entry to the convention with proper registration).

We need volunteers and game masters, both of whom get in free! We have an art show, an artist alley, and a dealer's room, all with plenty of tables left to be filled. We're presently the least expensive table space you'll find in the state of Texas!

Anthropomorphic artists be aware of our Artist Alley and Art Show, tables are inexpensive for the alley, panels are fairly priced for the show.

Full costumes and fursuits are welcome and encouraged. Realistic looking weaponry may need to be inspected by the campus police and possibly peace-bound, but will not be outright rejected. At worst, you may be asked to lock something in your vehicle by the campus police.

We ask that "mature" furry behavior be limited to room parties at the con hotel or your private quarters wherever you are staying.

Pre-registration is open to the public and will not be closing for several months more. Get in on the fun! Plan your trip now.

We also have 2010 Tee Shirts for sale in advance.

ConJour Tee Models

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