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12 September 2009 @ 05:31 pm
Guests - previously unannounced!  
I'm proud to announce:

OEGP will be premiering a new Horror short specially produced for ConJour 2010. More information about OEGP and their film will be posted at another time.

Also at ConJour, Trey Wickwire, the writer of the "Mamluk" comic book, and David Doub, the creator of the "DUSK" graphic novel will be attending as guests.

Kerry M. Tolan, author of Blade Dancer and Waiting Weapon, will be a welcome addition to our Science Fiction author lineup.

The Ladies of Absurd will be returning for a second year.

And those are our announcements for today. Anything new will be posted as soon as I get word of it.

Take care!