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10 November 2009 @ 06:45 pm
ConJour 2010 Proposed Panel List  

This is a list of proposed panel topics for ConJour 2010. Please look them over and see if there are any you wish to conribute to or if you have any suggestions for topics we have left off the list. Thank you.

All Dressed Up: What are LARP and Cosplay?

Breaching the Hull: Writing a Believable Spacecraft

Character Development

Costuming 101

Costuming 102: Stitch-less Design

Costuming 103: Fan-based Design

Cullen Must Die: Writing Believable Vampires

FILK 101

Furries, Faeries, Freakies: Inhumans and Emotions

Furries, Faeries, Freakies: Non-human Protagonists

Graphic Content: Writing in the Visual (This subject will compare and contrast graphic novels and comic books to regular novels, including discussion of storyboarding and scripting.)

Guerrilla F/X Makeup 101

Guerrilla Filmmaking 101

How to Survive the Internet: Writing, Drawing and Publishing Webcomics (Answering questions from the audience about all things web comic related.)

Majestic Keeps and Magical Vales: World Creation for Fantasy

Plot Development

Publish Me: What Writers Need to Know Beyond the Writing (Different ways of getting published, whether doing it yourself or going through independent publishers.)

Science Fiction: An History (Emphasis will be on the works and worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Jules Vern, and similar authors.)

Selling Comics

Space for Improvement: World Creation for Science Fiction

Steampunk: Science Fiction by Gaslight

Supernatural Romance

Sympathy for the Devil: The Byronic Hero in Modern Fantasy and Sci-Fi

These Are a Few of my Whovian Things!

Writing Horror